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Vulcan Records straight cylinder box record

Sensation Rag


  • CLPGS Jazz Band,  2008
  • Composed  by Joseph F. Lamb, 1908, arranged by Scott Joplin
  • Recorded at the Lord Leicester Hotel, Warwick, UK
  • 2 minutes

Joseph F. Lamb (1887-1960) was one of the “Big Three” classic ragtime composers along with Scott Joplin (1867-1917) and James Scott (1885-1938). Lamb was a self-taught composer and amateur pianist whose early works were endorsed and highly rated by Scott Joplin (who was 20 years older than Lamb). Only 12 rags were published during Lamb’s lifetime (by John Stark) and eventually several more were were posthumously published after 1960. Lamb’s style is generally more “individualistic” and “harmonically daring” than Joplin’s style.

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