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  • George D’Albert
  • Composed by Paul Pelham & Lawrence Wright
  • Transferred from Edison Wax Amberol, No. 12476, 1912
  • 4 minutes

RMS Titanic, of the White Star Line, sank in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg.  Well over half the total compliment of passengers and crew were lost.

This recording relates the details of this, the worst peace-time maritime disaster in the modern era.  It was recorded in London in June 1912.

George D’Albert used this piece in his Music Hall act, as a fund raiser for the families of those lost in the disaster.  Over £400,000 at 1912 values was raised (this equates to around $US20 million in current money).

Disc recordings of the piece were released at the same time by Edison Bell and Zonophone, by other artistes

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