Custom made phonograph cylinder records

We can manufacture custom made cylinder records from your audio. To do this, you will provide us with a suitable recording (preferably a digital file – MP3, WAV, etc) up to either 2 minutes and 10 seconds or 4 minutes and 20 seconds depending on your required format of cylinder. We will cut this onto a wax master cylinder which is used to produce a metal mould, which is then used to make almost any number of hard-wearing plastic cylinders. The cost of this process, including the first two plastic cylinder records, is £220.00, plus £40 if a title end is required. Any further cylinder records can be ordered at £18.00 each, plus postage and packaging.

We need a 6-week lead time to produce the master mould, before we can begin to make the cylinders.

Following is a checklist of items to be considered when ordering custom cylinder records:

  1. Would you like your cylinders delivered in boxes? We have one standard style and colour of box,
    as shown here. A limited range of other colours can be provided at additional cost.
  2. Do you want your boxes labelled? If so:
    1. Do you want to manage the labelling yourself, OR
    2. Do you want us to send you the template(s) for the labels (you can see some of the options throughout the website)?
  3. Do you want your cylinders to have a title end (i.e. the details of the recording etched into the end of the cylinder)? If so you must also send us the text that you would like to use. The usual format is: Title, Artist, Type (eg song, band, spoken word, etc), Catalogue number, although it is not necessary to have all of these. There is an additional cost of £40 (as mentioned above) for a title plate.
  4. Do you have a deadline for the cylinders to be delivered? Please keep in mind that each cylinder is hand made and we can make just one per working day (3 per week). If the need is more urgent, we can make extra masters and run 2, 3 or 4 a day, depending on our other production schedules. Each additional master would cost an extra £150.

To find out more about having a custom cylinder made, please contact us.

Here is a selection of some of the projects we have worked on.

Enrico Caruso, three titles:

These cylinders are only available from the Berlin Phonograph Works through the link above.

The National Library of Norway - the Christian Leden collection

The National Library of Norway - the Christian Leden collection