FAQs regarding phonograph cylinder records


Are your cylinders all copies of original cylinder recordings?

Some of our cylinders are re-releases of original recordings, others are newly recorded using modern artists.

Can I play your cylinders on my phonograph?

Our cylinder records are designed to be played on any original phonograph.  You need to be aware that many early 2-minute machines were later adapted to play both 2 and 4-minute records, or even just to play 4-minute records.  The table below is a guide only, and we cannot guarantee that your machine is as originally designed.

2-minute records can be played on: 4-minute records can be played on: Concert records can be played on:
  • Edison Class M Electric (later called Victor and then Balmoral)
  • Edison Class E Electric (later called Conqueror)
  • Edison Spring Motor (later called Triumph)
  • Edison Gem
  • Edison Home, models A, B, C, D and E
  • Edison Standard
  • Edison Fireside
  • Edison Idealia
  • Edison Alva
  • Edison Amberola (A)1
  • Columbia Graphophones
  • Pathe standard mandrel  phonographs
  • Edison M and E Electric, after 1908, with combination attachment
  • Edison Alva, after 1908, with combination attachment
  • Edison Triumph Model D, E, F and G (and earlier models with combination attachment)
  • Edison Home with combination attachment
  • Edison Gem model D, with combination attachment
  • Edison Gem model E
  • All Edison Amberola models
  • Edison Standard with combination attachment
  • Edison Fireside
  • Edison Idealia Models D and E, with combination attachment
  • Edison Opera
  • Edison School
  • Edison Class M and E Concert Phonographs
  • Edison Concert
  • Edison Bell Duplex with slip-on mandrel
  • Columbia Concert
  • Pathe Concert phonograph

Can you post to my region?

Yes, we can post to anywhere in the world.

How much is postage to my region?

The costs depend on the number of cylinders ordered.

If you want to place an order, choose your cylinders and place them in the Shopping Basket.  When you then go to the Shopping Basket, the postage cost will be displayed.  As you add or delete products, the postage cost will be updated.

Please remember that payment needs to be made in £GBP. To find out how much that will be in your currency, you need to use a currency converter, which you can find on the internet.  We cannot give you this information as the exchange rate changes day by day.

How much are your cylinders in my currency?

You can use the following currency conversion link to convert our prices quoted in GBP into any other currency for an approximate price. However, please note that prices can change on a daily basis, so this is only an approximation.

Can you make me a record from my own material?

Yes, we can make a 2 or 4-minute cylinder record from any audio recording. The best format for us to use is MP3 or a .WAV file. The recording must be no longer than 2min 10sec for a 2-minute record and 4min 10sec for a 4-minute record. Please see the custom made cylinder records page for more details on cost, etc.

Where can I buy a phonograph?

Please go to our Links page for a list of everyone we know who sells phonographs. Please let us know if you know of anyone else, so we can add them to our list.

Do you sell wax blanks for home recording?

No, we do not sell wax cylinders. Please refer to our Links page for a list of such suppliers.

Do you sell empty cylinder boxes?

We no longer offer empty boxes on the website

Do you buy cylinder records?