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New, strong, blue boxes, suitable for Edison Blue Amberol cylinders, are available from the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company

Are your cylinder storage drawers full of cylinders without boxes, or with boxes that are so frail you dare not touch them?  We have a solution for you.

We now have strong, blue, unlined cylinder boxes available for sale.  These are ideal for Blue Amberol cylinders, or for any other indestructible cylinders, needing new storage.  Those of you who have purchased our cylinders will know the quality and strength of these boxes, as the only difference from our standard boxes is the colour.

Prices range from £2.80 per box for 6, to £2.00 per box for 100, plus postage and packaging.  Prices for larger orders will be negotiated.

Please order via our Contact Us link, with a simple request.