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By the Suwanee River – another new Concert Cylinder Record is available from the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company

The latest in Vulcan’s Concert Cylinder catalogue, By the Suwanee River is a lively, descriptive selection written by W. H. Myddleton.

Myddleton is an interesting character.  A British composer, his full name was George Arnold Haynes Safroni-Middleton, who also composed professionally as Arnold Safroni (1873 – 1950).  As Safroni, his most well known piece is Imperial Echoes, written in 1913, which, adapted as a military march, was used extensively by the BBC during World War II.

The Suwanee River is a major river of southern Georgia and northern Florida.  This is the correct spelling, though Suwannee (with a double ‘n’) and Swanee have both been used over the years.  Notably, Steven Foster mis-spelled it when he wrote Old Folks at Home.

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