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The Vulcan Cylinder Record Company is pleased to announce the release of their second Replica Pink Lambert cylinder.  Hiawatha, sometimes referred to as A Summer Idyll was written by Charles N. Daniels, under the pseudonym of Neil Moret, in 1901.

The version Vulcan offers here has been transferred from a Lambert Concert cylinder, number 5090,  played by the American Parlour Orchestra.  It was first released in 1902.

An interesting note about this recording is that the introduction is spoken by a woman – a very unusual happening in those days!

The song was released just at a time when there was an increasing demand for material about the American Indian, and for music in the intermezzo style.

In 1902, the Whitney-Warner Publishing Company of Detroit paid Daniel’s $10,000 for the rights to the tune and engaged lyricist James O’Dea to add an appropriate and evocative text to it.

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