La Carnauba Waltz

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  • Matt Redman, Guitar
  • Recorded at the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company studio, Sheffield, 2015
  • 2 minutes
  • Words from a customer:  (This) is a really nice recording. Crisp, clean, as if Matt was in the room.

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Matt Redman plays numerous plucked stringed instruments, in styles from the Medieval times to the present day, with a focus on historic guitars from the late Victorian Era to the Jazz Age.

He has re-created and performed in period ensembles for Sony Records, Universal and the BBC; made arrangements for “Our Lovely Day”, a CD of songs from 1840-1947; and directed and arranged an album of songs from the First World War in 2015 featuring mezzo-soprano Patricia Hammond.

On this record he plays a Gibson L-4 archtop acoustic guitar made in 1911; one of the first guitars to be designed to be strung with steel strings instead of gut, giving the necessary projection to be heard on a cylinder recording.

Matt wrote La Carnauba Waltz in 2015.

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