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Introducing a brand new Series – the Vulcan Brown Wax Era Records

The Vulcan Brown Wax Era Records

We are proud to announce a new series of records from the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company – the Vulcan Brown Wax Era Records.

The series starts with A Trip to China Town, by the Edison Grand Symphony Orchestra, catalogue number 501.

Although these records are made in the same hard-wearing plastic resin as the black cylinders you are accustomed to see from Vulcan, you will be hard put to it to tell the difference between these and the original brown waxes – we hope you like the effect.  We’ve created labelling to match the era as well, so the look and feel of the product is as close as we can make it to those available during the period 1890 to 1901.

The records are transferred at a similar level of volume and at the same recording speed as the originals – 120rpm to 144rpm. This makes them Ideal for owners of early machines and suitable for listening through ear tubes as well as via an external horn and on later models.

The series will develop over time as we find other good quality source material from this era.

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